Wahl Improved Senior Clipper # 8500


All about Wahl Improved Senior Clipper # 8500

Features: high-powered yet cool running V5000 motor. High precision adjustable lock blades , it is an excellent thing to remember. As you know ergonomic design. Durable metal case. Shipping Weight: 3 pounds (View shipping rates and policies).

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Wahl Improved Senior Clipper # 8500 Price

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Brett: 2 locks comb all over and it was simple, not a issue and Ive had enhances at the end outcome is a good idea. Colored locks combs would rate up the procedure (available as an equipment & with some other models) and this is very important for us. It has the comforting hype of the expert barber , you will love this idea. All the time my buddy has been using these trimmers (exactly the same model) for several decades, and they’ve survived well with no mistakes. So far, I am pleased with my Wahl Improved Senior Clipper # 8500.. The report seems old style but in some methods better than the DVD and with a different strategy. How right I was most likely.

Brad: I cut with the no. I c Awesome Wahl Improved Senior Clipper # 8500, awesome service at a fair price. Ive gone immediately to purchase some alternative locks combs, thats how sure I am going to be using this clippers for decades. From my experience some of the components that I discovered useful/good might shock you: the locks cpe to secure your outfits, the durable nasty box that maintains everything (packed full), DVD and instructions publication, the remaining and right ear locks comb (wish that barbers would use these more), oil, little washing sweep. As you know well, no more barber visits for me. Disadvantages are minor: newbies, be careful of the fader handle - begin with with a locks comb 2-4 styles bigger than you are looking for, I’m not joking but not always. I was excited to get this Wahl Improved Senior Clipper # 8500. I gave this 4 stars of 5 based on the price of the Wahl Improved Senior Clipper # 8500 compared to the quality. I can tell you that they experience strong - they just have a excellent experience to them.

Keisha: These trimmers are excellent , that is useful. Many people said excellent for all the factors described by other testers. Already said should last a life-time (I hope). The Wahl Improved Senior Clipper # 8500 does what it says. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go and it is all true. A really great idea is im a finish beginner and allows be sincere a team cut is hardly the most complicated but still you want a item that gives the same outcomes as the barbers or why hassle. Nice, durable, excellent USA Wahl clippers. Now really I am pleased and I cant suggest this item any longer than this.

Latoya: Be careful that metal-backed coloured locks combs might be the greatest. Is good to know that the variety locks combs are all nasty, not the steel supported editions used by some professiona”


Back to the Sea…


Wind swept hair, bathed in light, she walks into the sea and all that is wrecked is beautiful again…

{PART 3Styled by + Featuring Kelly Framel / Clothes + Accessories by Kelly Wearstler (her twitter here / FaceBook here) / Hair by Sam DiVine / Makeup by Kristee Liu 

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Subtle Patterns, patterns for Websites.

Love the collection forming here, but more than anything, I love that they offer the whole collection as a Photoshop pattern.

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A 1946-47 Sensacion Premium, featuring Julio “Jiqui” Moreno, that was part of a lot that was up for auction at Legendary Auctions in November 2011.

Moreno, who was born on this day (Jan.  28) in 1921 was elected to the Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame in 1976. He played for Marianao, Havana Reds, Cienfuegos and Habana in 13 winters in Cuba between 1945-61.

According to Who’s Who in Cuban Baseball, 1878-1961, Moreno ranks sixth in league history in games pitched and led the league in ERA (2.03) in 1960-61 and strikeouts (103) in 1952-53.

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No, wait, THIS is the world’s smallest frog

Seems like a competitive time to be a small-frog researcher. Can’t even go a month without someone taking your title from you.

In December of 2011, Fred Kraus from the Bishop Museum in Hawaii announced that he had discovered the world’s smallest frogs. The two coin-sized species were just 8.1 to 9.3 millimetres long. But these miniscule amphibians now share a different record – they were the world’s smallest frogs for the shortest amount of time.

Less than a month after Kraus’s announcement, Eric Rittmeyer and Christopher Austin from Louisiana University have found an even smaller frog, just 7 to 8 millimetres long. It’s dwarfed by a dime. It’s not just the world’s smallest frog, but the world’s smallest back-boned animal.

And you won’t believe how hard they are to find. The team had to trace their cricket-like calls and then just hope for the best:

“After several failed attempts to find it, we ended up just scooping up a big handful of leaf litter where the call was coming from and putting it all in a clear plastic bag. We went through that bag leaf by leaf until we discovered the incredibly small frog making the call.”

Anyone else picturing Rick Moranis from Honey, I Shrunk The Kids?

(via Not Exactly Rocket Science)

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Eat your heart out, Google! (Illustration by the wonderful Zack Sultan)

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This season - the Laser CATS roster will only comprise of cat names.

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